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n 2012, with the help and encouragement of Dan Pilka, Joe Morrison and the St. Joseph’s School Foundation Board, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church formed a Planned Giving Committee. You have heard from several members of our Committee in the last several months. A very special thank you to those folks that make up our Parish Planned Giving Committee:

Barbara Lineberger
Ramiro Gallegos
Amy Decker
Susan Musser
Joe Morrison
Daniel Pilka
Peter Golotko
Victoria LaRue

Our Planned Giving program reminds us to consider the Church, particularly St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and St. Joseph’s Academy in your life plans. In creating your life plans, wills and trusts, please think of all the ways St. Joseph’s and/or our Catholic faith has been here for you and your loved ones. St. Joseph’s and our Catholic Faith has been here for you through all the sacraments, through baptisms and weddings, through the joyful and devastating times. -And will continue to be here for you. Always.

Our Planned Giving Committee isn’t just concerned with your gift to our Parish. They are your brothers and sisters in Christ, they are your fellow parishioners and they CARE about each one of you. They are passionate about St. Joseph’s Planned Giving program being a true ministry to our Church – that you, their fellow parishioners are educated about all that goes into planning for life and the end of it.

National statistics indicate that 50% of Catholics never get around to making a valid Will. Of those that do, many do not understand that leaving the Church in the Will is even an option – or the many benefits it could have to their loved ones financially. Keep in mind that if you do not have a valid Will at the time of your death the State of Florida will determine what happens to your minor children and to what you presently own. To that end, we have already offered 2 seminars. The Planned Giving Committee is committed to providing an education series of seminars for the long term, to help you and your family with the many nuances of law and financial regulation that effect life plans.

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For questions on Planned Giving and leaving a gift to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church through your Will or Estate Plans, please contact Christina at or (863) 682-0555.