St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation is comprised of local, parish volunteers who are of good standing within the community and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. These volunteers include leaders in our community, their company or organization. St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation Members are committed to action and following best practices. As an SJC Parish Foundation Board Member of our great Church, these stewards can provide invaluable leverage, resources, and expertise in the way of advising, guiding and helping to implement structure in carrying out the mission, events and programs of the Parish.

The Mission: The men and women of St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, her building and grounds, programs and over 73 ministries.

Immediate Need: Since Easter of 1996, when it was erected, the Denis L. Fontaine Pavilion has become a cornerstone of our Parish – where parishioner’s children are able to play while their parents conduct the business of our Church, where Parish picnics and activities are held, and where neighbors and friends gather to pass an evening playing a game of pick-up basketball. Sadly, time and lack of resources finds this beautiful part of our Parish culture in need of maintenance and refurbishment. Estimates to repair the roof, add proper drainage, stripping and resurfacing and additional structural refurbishment in an amount approaching $200,000.

Planning and the Future: The St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation, in keeping with their mission, have set aggressive monetary goals to expedite the restoration of the Pavilion, as well as establish a firm base by which they begin tangibly supporting St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and 73 ministries.

How can you Help?: Join the St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation in garnering funds critical to achieving our mission.

GOAL 1: Pavilion Reconstruction = $175,000 by 10/31/2014
GOAL 2: St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation = *$250,000 by 12/31/2014 $425,000 by 12/31/2014 *$250,000 will allow the St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation to make strategic investments, yielding approximately 5% annually which can then be used where the Parish need is greatest.

5 YEAR GOAL: St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation = $250,000 each year to equal $1,250,000 by 2019

WAYS TO GIVE: Contribute annual, tax deductible amount directly to St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation Contribute incremental amount directly to St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation Divert respective ministry contributions through St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation To make a secure, online contribution, please go to -> and complete the form to your specifications.

Thank you for your consideration in furthering the mission of the St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation and the work of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and all her ministries.

Ministry Wish List

Music Ministry Malmark Handbells $10,655
Life After 50 Shrine Trip Bus Rental $600
Beautification Trimming/Maintenance Tools $200
Outreach Cash for Supplemental Foods
Faith Formation TVs & DVD Players for Classrooms $1,400
Youth Group Stuebenville Scholarships
& Safe Environment Bible Study Materials
Women’s Emmaus Retreat Scholarships $160 pp
Men’s Emmaus Retreat Scholarships $120 pp
Liturgy Altar Linens
New Seating in Choir Loft
Repair angels in lower arch over tabernacle
Retile church, sanctuary, narthex, nave
Baptismal Font Repair
Albs and Cinctures for Altar Servers
Processional Cross
Banner Pole
Molding around church windows
ESL Laptop and Cash for Supplies
Prison Ministry Missalettes (60 annually)
Lighthouse Catholic Media $200 quarterly



Committee Members

Fr. Ramon Bolatete, Pastor
Daniel Pilka, Vice Chair
James Ham, Chair
Colleen Kremer, Officer
Ted Lavelle, Officer
Richard Pellegrini, Officer
Tom Mizerek, Officer
James Ham, Chair