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Those who receive the sacrament of Holy Orders — as a deacon, priest or bishop — are consecrated in Christ’s name “to feed the Church by the word and grace of God.”

Pope Francis Reflects on Vocations

Bishop Juan Ignacio Gonzalez, Bishop of San Bernardo in Chile asks the Pope for guidance about your vocation! Listen to the pope and allow Jesus to look at you! We are grateful to Fr. Eric Gonzalez of the Diocese of San Bernardo for translating and sharing it.

Bishop Juan Ignacio Gonzalez: Holy Father, in or countries, we very often experience the lack of vocations. You know that very well… What would you say to a young boy who is experiencing a call to a priestly or to a religious life in this moment of his life?

Pope Francis: He must let Jesus look at him because who is calling him is not a priest, nor the Bishop, nor the Pope. It is Jesus looking at him with love, showing him the people, showing him the need of the people of God, and says to him: “If you wish, help me; so let him allow Jesus to look at him; that’s what I think. And every day he should allow himself to receive the gaze of Jesus. It is very important.

Bishop Juan Ignacio Gonzalez: And what would you suggest to a young boy or girl, who in spite of experiencing the vocation, don’t dare to go ahead to take the step. They are afraid and they feel the difficulty?

Pope Francis: Jesus lived the same experience, when that rich young man, having different virtues of a good man, but did not dare. Jesus looked at him with sadness. I would say to him: If you do not follow him, you are free; But the sadness you are causing to the Heart of the Lord and the sadness caused in so many hearts, who will not be able to solve their problems because the need a priest.

Bishop Juan Ignacio Gonzalez: Excellent His Holiness!

Pope Francis: Take courage; Do not be silly.

Bishop Juan Ignacio Gonzalez: Thank you Holy Father Francis.

Pope Francis: When the Lord takes someone by the hand, he will never be alone again.

Bishop Juan Ignacio: Thank you very much Holy Father.