Catholic War Veterans

The objectives for this group are as follows: For God, For Country, For Family.  They aid in the development of an enlightened patriotic American Youth, they assist veterans and widows, as well as dependents of deceased veterans.  They provide flag service for Catholic Veteran’s funeral service. Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month in the parish hall at 6:30 p.m. This gathering includes a business meeting as well as a social time which usually includes food. The contact person is Post Commander Jerry Wagner, phone number: 863-640-4439.

Ministry to the Sick

This is a lay ministry to bring Holy Communion to those in our parish who may be homebound, hospitalized, or in nursing home/retirement facilities.These ministers must first be trained by the Diocese as Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion and fingerprinting is required. There is also a training program for these ministers to the sick which is also required.  Contact: Dianne Kelter 863-682-0555 ext. 245.

Ministry of Consolation/Grief Support Group

Lay parishioners in this ministry provide support to individuals or families experiencing a period of grief and mourning after a death.  This includes providing a minister and assistance with planning of a wake service/vigil service prior to the funeral mass, as well as the liturgy for the funeral mass and burial. These ministers may also assist with reception arrangements. The Ministers of  Consolation/Grief Support may also assist anyone interested in prearranging a funeral.  Contact: Deacon Jude, 863-682-0555 ext. 225, or on his cell 409-273-1732.

Helping Hearts and Hands

This ministry reaches out to those sick and homebound in an effort to extend our parish fellowship by spending time with social visits, run small errands, and providing meals when needed.  All volunteers for this ministry are trained and fingerprinted at Saint Joseph.  Contact Deacon Jude, 863-682-0555 ext. 225.

Community of Hope International

Empowering the Laity for Pastoral Care Care of the sick must rank above and before all else so they may truly be served as Christ, who said, ‘I was sick and you visited me’. (Matt. 25:36) (The Rule of Benedict, Chapter 36)

Pastoral care is how clergy and lay people answer the call to minister to others — taking the love of Christ to one another through the ups and downs of life. All disciples with a servant’s heart whether in an urban environment, or a rural or mountain ministry setting, discover how to encourage and equip laity to share in the ministry of pastoral care. Complementing your pastoral care ministry with trained lay pastoral care givers helps to consistently and compassionately meet the many and varied pastoral care needs of people…loss, grief, illness, life changes, loneliness, isolation…just to name a few.

Workshop participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of how lay pastoral care givers can make a positive difference and become additional “hands and feet” who offer a “listening ear” while being present to those in your church community
  • Be introduced to the Community of Hope — one of the most successful pastoral care models based on Benedictine practices which lead to:
    • A way of seeing ourselves (humility)
    • A way of seeing time (balancing prayer, work, study, and leisure)
    • A way of seeing others (hospitality)
    • A way of seeing spiritual growth (conversion, obedience, and stability)

Lay pastoral care givers are inspired to work toward balance and harmony in prayer, worship, silence, holy reading, and serving others while building a community centered on spiritual encouragement, grace, comfort, and hope.

Receive an overview of the 14-week, 42-hour curriculum and discover how to begin and sustain a Community of Hope program.

“Come into the Community of Hope to celebrate and embrace the eternal gift of resurrection, redemption, renewal, and love. The door is always open, the lights are always on, and there is a place set for each of us at the table of our Lord.” (The Rev. Dr. Helen W. Appelberg, President, Community of Hope International)

Most of the information in this email was prepared by the COHI committee. I had 12 people in the class this year, all 12 have completed the course and will be on retreat this Saturday and receive their Certificates the following Saturday at our 4:00 pm Mass and will be presented to them by Father Ramon. They are anxious to begin serving the Lord. All participants were approved prior to classes by Father Ramon and interviewed by myself. One of the participants spoke Spanish and would like to introduce this program to the Spanish speaking community here at Saint Joseph possibly as early as this fall.

The 14 module curriculum consists of:

  1. Basic teachings of Benedictine Spirituality: how the Rule of St. Benedict continue to be a relevant model for strengthening spirituality, building Christian community and caring for others.
  2. Theology of Pastoral Care: characteristics, goals and functions of pastoral care ministry and identification of the lay Pastoral Caregiver’s needs.
  3. Pastoral Identity: a formation process for students to internalize the concept that Christ operates through us as pastoral caregivers. Develops a deepening sense of authority, confidence, and maturity to provide pastoral care.
  4. Listening Skills: compassionate listening in case giving and in community, especially as a reflection of the depth of spiritual life.
  5. Prayer, Christian Meditation, and silence: the value of silence, stillness, and simplicity as spiritual disciplines and the relationship of meditation and contemplation to a ministry of presence.
  6. Motivational Spiritual Gifts: to discover your own motivational spiritual gifts and relate them to pastoral care ministry.
  7. Pastoral visits and Boundaries: development of the pastoral skills of observation, listening, sensitivity, compassion, prayer and privacy, especially as they flow from the Lay Pastoral Caregiver or Lay Pastoral Caregiver’s relationship with God.
  8. Confidentiality, the first practice visit, and debriefing: learning to honor privacy and how to care for one another in pastoral ministry and within community.
  9. Understanding Family Systems: assess a person’s family strengths and strains as a tool for being a compassionate listener.
  10. Grief; Coping with Loss: understanding personal loss and grief as preparation for appropriate pastoral ministry to others.
  11. Pastoral Care for Seniors: helps students understand the needs of seniors in living a fulfilling life and problems that may lead to illness.
  12. Second practice visit: offering an opportunity to make pastoral visits under supervision, participants will be better prepared to visit during the internship.
  13. Care for the caregiver: students identify and honor their own needs and limitations and recognize self-care as a vital component of pastoral care and ways they can take care of themselves, especially through the Circle of Care follow up program.
  14. Commitment to Ministry: commitment, stability, obedience, humility, and perseverance as Benedictine values that are essential to pastoral care ministry and community.

Retreat: a time for personal reflection and formation.

As you can see, the program is very comprehensive.

Contact: Deacon Jude, 863-682-0555 ext. 225

Faith and Light

This a spiritual outreach for people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and their friends. The mission is to create bonds of friendship between all members and to reveal each person’s unique gift and beauty! Meetings are held once a month at Resurrection Church on the Val Sheedy Center. Call Dee Miller at 863-66-4245 for further information. You can also visit

Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary is a world-wide organization through which Catholic men and women form an army for Mary to do spiritual work for the glory of God and His church.  
Some of the apostolic work includes visiting the homebound, distributing the Eucharist, transportation, volunteer work at the church, participation in R.C.I.A., attending funerals and wakes and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  

St. Joseph’s Faith Community has two Legion of Mary Praesidiums.  Weekly meetings are held on Mondays at 2:00 pm for Our Lady of Sorrows Praesidium and on Thursdays at 6:30 pm for the Queen of the Universe Praesidium.  Both meetings re held in the Pastoral Center Conference Room.  Please consider joining us in honoring Our Blessed Mother at one of the meetings.  If interested, please contact either of the names below.

President, Wade Marsh (863) 409-0909
MEET on Mondays at 2 p.m. at
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Conference Room

President, Victoria Lee (863) 816-4649
MEET on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at
Resurrection Catholic Church Conference Room

President, Johanna Emory
(863) 686-8716
MEET on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Conference Room

Contact: Johanna Emory (863)686-8716, Bernadine Geis (863) 430-7836

Prison Ministry

Visiting the imprisoned is one of our Corporal Works of Mercy.  Ministers are trained by the Prison System to provide fellowship to the imprisoned.  The Diocese is beginning a process of certification in addition to the training already in place through the state and county jails. Sr. Rose Christina Momm along with our priests and some parishioners have been active in this ministry for years tending to their social and spiritual needs.  

If you would like to join them in bringing Christ to the imprisoned, please contact the number below.

Contact: Sr. Rose Christina Momm, S.N.J.M. (863)648-5933