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Are you:

  • interested in learning more about the Catholic Church?
  • unbaptized and you have a need for spirituality in your life?
  • baptized, but never received any formal religious education?
  • married to a Catholic and you attend Mass with them, and you want to share in their faith?
  • seeking something in your life, but are not sure what it is?
  • have a friend who is Catholic, and want to know about their faith and spiritual practice?

The Rite of Christian Initiation or Adults (RCIA) is the place for you. The rite takes various forms depending on the needs of the individual who might want to become a Catholic Christian. Every year adults are welcomed into the Catholic Community through RCIA. It is a learning experience that will change your life and give your life new meaning and new direction. Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and Savior, is the model to which we all aspire. He invites you, we welcome you.

We are here to help you.

Contact our Religious Education office 863-682-0555 ext. 240.

How Does One Become a Catholic?

Becoming a Catholic is one of the most profound and joyous experiences of life. Those blessed to receive this great gift grow to recognize the enormous grace that has been bestowed upon them, of the dignity and wonder of their identity as Catholics. A person is brought into full communion with the Catholic Church through reception of the three sacraments of Christian initiation– baptism, confirmation, and the holy Eucharist– but the process by which one becomes a Catholic can take different forms. Some members of the Catholic Church are baptized as infants but have not had the opportunity to receive instruction in the faith, or participate in the sacramental life of the Church. The RCIA process enables them to fully participate, through confirmation, and reception of the Eucharist.

Others, who were baptized in other Christian traditions, become Catholics after attending RCIA classes, making a profession of faith, receiving the Eucharist with the Catholic community. Then there are others, who are not baptized, who will also attend the RCIA classes, and then take the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist, which are usually done during the Easter Season.

At whatever point you are in your spirituality, the Catholic Church, will guide you through the process, with special attention given to your spiritual growth. Any questions you may have about, the Bible, faith, Jesus, the Church, etc., the wonderful, caring people of the Church will have the answers for you.

The Catholic Church warmly welcomes all who want to join. They will take special care to provide you with the foundation onto which you can build your faith in Christ. Through the process called Christian initiation, you will find out what your neighbors already know about Christ and his Words, what over 2000 years of tradition have taught and have guided the human race, and what faith in Christ has to offer you. Christ wants nothing more from you than your love. His love is given to you freely, will you take it?

What Is the First Step?

Anyone who is seriously thinking about becoming a Catholic Christian or would simply like more information can contact the nearest Catholic parish. Ordinarily, meeting with the pastor, vicar or deacon in a parish would be first step in the journey toward becoming a Catholic. But, do not hesitate to speak with any Catholic Christian and ask about first steps.

You are under no obligation. You can visit any of our church services or instructional classes, anytime, even just to see what’s going on! Or maybe, you just want to stop by church, when it is convenient for you. Spend all the time you like. Jesus will be there, waiting just for you, overjoyed by your presence.