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March 20-22, 7 p.m. each night
Living the Joy of the Gospel

With so many challenging issues facing us today it is tempting to succumb to a mood of darkness and sadness, yet Pope Francis calls us to live the Joy of the Gospel.  Just what is joy, however?  Is it something more than just putting on a smile?  During these days we will see that Joy is something deep within us if we have truly embraced Jesus’ call to discipleship.

Day One – A Loving God:  The Cause of our Joy We will see that once the love of God touches our hearts we have a joy that sustains us even in the most difficult times.  We will see as well that we are called to give witness to that joy by the way we live and by sharing that love and joy with others.

Day Two – The Gift of Mercy Pope Francis is constantly reminding us that God is merciful beyond our wildest imagination. This mercy is shown to us through the forgiveness of our sins as well as in the healing of our brokenness and pain. As the recipients of God’s mercy we are called to be a merciful people not only by forgiving others, but also in treating those we differ with and those who are on the “margins” of life with mercy.

Day Three – Caring for our Common Home, Mercy for our Brothers and Sisters and for all God’s Creatures Pope Francis has spoken often about the need to help the poor and to care for creation.  Is this just politics, or is it truly a spiritual and theological challenge?  Today we will see that the Redemption that Jesus won on the cross was not only forgiveness of our personal sins but the grace to overcome and heal the terrible injustices to people and to our environment caused by our sin.  We are called, by His grace, to do what we can to be healers for a broken world.